special education

The field of special education is a peculiar blend of laws and inference, of science and faith, and of conflicts in authority between parents and school administration, courts and districts.  It is a creature of the legislature prompted by the realization that there is a large population of children who are not being served by traditional educational services.

We have included here some information about special education, who is likely to qualify, some clues to look for in your child and some of the limits which are placed on your ability require the district to provide special education services for your child.

qualifying disabilities

The disabilities, listed below, may qualify for special services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  If, after an assessment conducted by the school district, your child falls into one of these categories, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team, including you, will meet to structure an education plan which allows your child to maximize the benefit of the education he or she receives.

behavioral cues

Children with developmental disabilities will show symptomatic behaviors long before these behaviors impact their formal education.  The behavioral patterns listed below may indicate that a child should be assessed to determine whether special education services are appropriate.*

some limits, time & otherwise

Time limits, schedules and periods within which one must act are all part of any activity which must interact with the courts or hearing officers, and the law.  Special education is no different.  There are limits imposed on both you, as a parent, and on the school district, within which time various actions must be taken.  …

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